Living Well Pilates mission statement is “we empower clients to work out to the best of their abilities” – as it interrelates to the tagline of Pilates for all bodies, since all ages or sizes are welcome. The philosophy of Living Well Pilates is that physical literacy starts when you’re born and ends when you die. 

This means learning your body’s health and fitness throughout your life. Or, becoming more comfortable in your body, and knowing how your body moves. You are always aware of your pursuits of a physical lifestyle, given wherever different health issues may lie. Things might happen, as far as health – as mental physical are tied together as one. 

When clients start to work through their physicality, other aspects of their health will likely improve. If they aren’t feeling well physically, they can get negatively affected mentally and vice versa. However, Mary has seen a change in people’s attitudes in people’s lives in the couple of weeks at the studio. 

Living Well Pilates will meet a client’s physical goal wherever they are on their journey of healing or in their athletic ability. Mary not only helps those recovering from injuries but adjusts people’s bodies to prepare them for physical activity.

“Pilates is all we offer because Pilates has so much to offer you. Pilates’ total body conditioning of mind, body and spirit is achieved from its committed practice and it is a discipline. You have to show up to the practice to receive the health benefits.” Mary states. 

Living Well Pilates is there for you and your practice. During these challenging times in lockdown, your Pilates classes will continually be practiced at home with our online sessions.

After lockdown, you may visit the studio for an in-person session either individually, or in group classes.