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Reformer & Pilates Equipment Classes include Matwork

Pilates Equipment Classes may be the best classes on the schedule in which to begin your Pilates.

They are the best classes in which to increase your precision workout with challenge!

If you have questions, ask to have a sample demonstration. It is best to feel it yourself!

Come in for a complete workout on one of our five Reformers, our Cadillac, Combo Chairs or Wall Tower Workout Centres!


Personalize your
program –  Your Pilates One-on-One sessions provide you with proper execution, precision and maximum efficiency.   

Exercises are chosen to meet your specific needs for strength, balance and building body awareness.

Independent Workouts

Open studio time is available for your Independent Workouts, allowing access to the Living Well Studio, with its Pilates equipment.

Teacher Training

Living Well Pilates, Oakville, is a certifying body for completion of Mat, Reformer and Equipment Instructor Training. Teacher training is taught by Mary German, in individual or small group sessions, when you are available.  Certificate Training for Matwork I and II, Reformer, Chair, Cadillac, Tower, and all Pilates Tools and Special Populations is available, and learning to link the work starts at the beginning of your training. Teachers-in-training do two or three hour blocks of time with Mary, until they meet their desired goals. Call the studio for pricing and available times.

“I have struggled to resume active physical life after a knee injury in 2001. I have had two knee surgeries, countless hours of physical therapy and yet I could not even go for a brisk walk without my knee getting sore or perhaps even swollen sometimes. Worse yet, my knee did not feel well even when swimming. After five months of Pilates private lessons I can run with my kids, walk or swim and not give my knee a second thought. I am taking snowboarding lessons with my kids and looking forward to hitting the slopes
again this coming season. Mary is nothing short of a miracle worker. I would recommend Living Well Pilates to anyone with a knee problem. The faster you get there the faster you can resume your active lifestyle.” S.O

I have attended Mary German’s Pilates studio for about four years, my husband Dan and I have attended group classes and have had private sessions. We’ve found Mary to be extremely knowledgeable, adapting each exercise to suit the individual. Mary uses visualization techniques that enable you to focus on and isolate the muscle groups being exercised. She is always available to answer questions and help deal with individual issues and chronic problems. The results are numerous: we have become fit, toned and strengthened muscles, our posture improved, more flexible, our range of motion increased; best of all we have more energy. Another benefit is that we have acquired a set of simple toning and strengthening exercises we can do at home and in our RV when travelling. 

Thank you Mary. Ginny de V. 

I’ve lost twenty pounds since last December. My favourite cardio is bicycling. Pilates twice a week really helps keep my abdominals strong for better speed and endurance. 

I have noticed a welcomed difference in the way my clothes fit. 

The teaching style at Living Well Pilates ensures that participants do things correctly before going to the next level.

“In the last two years, my health issues caused me to lead a more sedentary lifestyle. Prior to this, I used to do interval training and led an active lifestyle. After taking two years off of any major exercise, I was reluctant to start again. Pilates has given me a new lease on life! This year I also began to golf after taking many years off. At the start of this season, I could hit the ball 100 yards. After two months of Pilates twice a week, I’m hitting the ball double that – 200 yards. I’m thrilled with the strength, flexibility and balance Pilates has given me. Mary and Bernie are patient and knowledgeable teachers. The Living Well Pilates studio is a very relaxed environment where individuals of all levels can feel comfortable. During classes, you are able to work at your own pace, at your own level. Mary is there to ensure you’re comfortable with what you’re doing, and if you need more of a challenge, she’s there to guide you through it. I would strongly recommend Pilates, and give full kudos to Mary and Bernie for leading such a wonderful Pilates facility.” S.K. 

After a year of progressive lower back pain (following a car accident) and hip pain (youthful foolishness on mountain bikes), I went to Living Well Pilates on a friend’s recommendation. I am very happy I did so. I’ve gone from limping and slouching to better mechanics, better posture and improvement in joint function and better pain management. The side effects have all been positive: with an understanding of the mechanics, and exercises to work on, I have an additional way to manage my aches and pains, resulting in increased self confidence, self-awareness, and…. presence. (Kind of strange, but other people remarked on it…. like – you look taller? ). I’ve been amazed at the insights and knowledge gained… the learning alone has been a treasure. Just the other day, I found myself skipping down the stairs… something that would have been impossible a few months ago! Seriously, it’s a great way to get a handle on ingrained ‘bad habits’ and teach your body some new tricks.
– Dr. R.O., Scientist 

Note: This individual now participates in multiply 50K runs yearly!

About Us

Living Well Pilates has helped our Pilates clients with:

  • De-stressing, eliminating muscular pain in spine, shoulders, hips and smaller joints, improving posture;
  • Releasing tension, improving sleep, assisting a positive outlook;
  • Foot, ankle and arches issues, increasing flexibility, toning the whole body, regaining balance, leg discrepancy issues;
  • Strengthening the core including inner unit, abdominals, inner thighs;
  • Increasing joint integrity: hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrists;
  • Recovering from injury, operations, accidents; building body awareness;
  • Recovering from overuse issues, conditioning for golf, skiing running, swimming, horseback riding, sports;
  • Prenatal and postpartum, balance the sling systems of the body, neutralizing pelvis and spine to correct postural alignment;
  • Handedness and scoliosis conditioning;
  • Eliminating plantar fasciitis, increasing ankle stability, arthritic joint improvement, improving balance;
  • Eliminate sciatic pain, eliminate SI pain,
  • Conditioning with special issues: i.e., back pain and sciatica, fibromyalgia, obesity, diabetes, cardio- pulmonary issues, neurological conditions.