Pilates is not only a fun workout, but it can relieve joint pain. One of our Pilates clients, in her mid-sixties, stated that many people she has talked to “are so stiff.” She witnessed that they have trouble bending, reaching, standing, or walking. This is true for all ages. Even millennials or young adults struggle with this, especially back pain if they are working at a 9 -5 job at a desk all day. 

So, where exactly are joints in the body? Where two bones meet up in the body is a joint. Movement occurs at these joints, as there are 206 joints in the full-grown body. Muscles move the bones and with this goal through Pilates, an ideal result of balance is accomplished.

Clients that are stiffer in Pilates movement may be feeling tension, inflexibility, strain, tightness, or even pain. What relieves this pain and tensity is stretching, as it has many benefits to increasing the body’s range of motion. 

Stretching can also lengthen muscles, as it releases soft connective tissue to increase flexibility when practiced regularly. 

However, contrary to popular opinion, stretching to relieve pain is not always what the body needs – especially if the strain in the body is leading towards pain symptoms. It can actually increase the feeling of stiffness if the strain hurts too much. 

Nevertheless, Mary will see what the client needs based on her examination during a session. 

Stretching may provide a release, but in more serious cases you must apply pressure to activate the neural system to get to the root of the problem. Myoskeletal Alignment dissipates extreme neurological messaging, balances all kinds of soft tissue. This allows the bones to regain neutral skeletal posture to increase joint movement during exercise. 

Lastly, studies show that the Pilates Method is more effective than minimal exercise in reducing chronic pain. 

Pilates can Increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, and endurance by softening the muscle joint to lessen the amount of tightness when exerting in physical activity. 

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