Mary German is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist. She is also the Pilates Studio Owner, Teacher Trainer, and Instructor for Pilates movements in the studio – who specializes in Equipment & Mat work exercises.

During a class, she instructs cardio programs, Pilates exercises and workout routines with equipment and weights. She also helps clients physically recover from injuries, (as seen in testimonials) muscle pain or simply adjusts their bodies to perform to their best ability in physical activities. 

Her clients are mostly in their 30s – 70s; however as the slogan states, “Pilates for all bodies” all ages are welcome.

Mary utilizes Pilates movements by teaching clients about their bodies while encouraging them to talk about the physicality of their workout experience. This is not an easy skill for clients to learn, as in her experience clients have had a hard time expressing themselves physiologically. 

However, Mary’s positive attitude helps her clients feel more at ease when learning about and discussing their physical movements. 

“Everyone is responsible for the energy they bring into their life and they are also responsible for the energy they surround themselves with in their life. As physical fitness increases, relaxation with open, grateful energy shines through.  This energy from the people at the studio makes Living Well Pilates a great environment to workout in.” Mary states.