1. There have been Constant Contact emails sent out with Fall start information over the last two weeks.  If you did not receive or see the three emails, please check your Spam file.  If they are there, please create a Rule to send these emails to your inbox file.  If you haven’t received them at all, please let me know so I can check into why.  Maybe I need a new email address from you?
  2. The Contrology exercises we worked on in depth today were The 100’s, Roll Up, Roll Over and into Leg Circles—modified and with props as you need.  (Clients: Please see on class invitation, I added the prop list to the Calendar invite.)  This list was sent out by Constant Contact.  I have the props at the studio if you need to purchase for your home studio.  Again, they are not essential, by they certainly do enhance the workout to improvement your connections and movement.  Let me know if you need something.
  3. Please refer to the Pilates Anatomy book sections for above first four exercises from today and then start to include the ones we worked with over the Spring and Summer.  The list is in this order:

The 100s

Roll UP

Roll Over

The One Leg Circle

Rolling Like A Ball

Rocker with Open Legs

The Saw

The Spine Twist


Single Leg Kick

Double Leg Kick

The Hip Twist with Stretched Arms


The Front Leg Pull

The Leg Pull (Back Support)

The Side Kick Kneeling

The Side Bend

The Boomerang

The Push Up

WOW.  See how much you have all worked through during the months!

So if you have the Book, please work through the exercises list in this order and that should provide you with a good outline to follow.  Please bring questions and comments to the classes.

It is advisable to purchase Anatomy of Pilates or Rael Pilates along with the Return to Life Contrology from our Store.  Hopefully videos to be uploaded soon in Resource Library on Website.

Note: Toe Soxs are still a good idea for grounding and secure footing. There is a sale until September 30th, 2020.  Check the Store page for details.

Mondays use Mat, Roller, Band/s—Green for Arms, Purple for Legs, Yoga Blocks, Weights (Ankle Weights or Balls to hold down legs, Soft Cushion Ball for Head Support.

Tuesday use same.

Wednesday add Magic Circle.

Thursday use weights is increments of 3, 5, 8, 10 pounds, weight bench (or step), ankle weights, and weighted balls.

Friday use Roller, Toner Balls, and tools to self care, i.e., The Stick, Dr. Cohen, Foot Kit.

This should bring us up to date going forward.  Tomorrow is Reformer with Links to the Matwork.  So those who have a Reformer, have it ready.  Those of us on the Mat we will do the same exercises without the equipment.   For those of you setting up for Matwork, keep in mind if you can have a wall to stand next to for Footwork that will be deluxe.