Exercise is the common way to begin your physical conditioning.  Yet blasting through complex physical conditioning exercises with speed and power, past overload into overuse, before basic awareness and concentration is achieved, can lead to injury. Speed, Power and Coordination are three wonderful gems of movement.  They are thrilling and exciting.  They are also high level skills to be learned and practiced.  Like gems, the skills of speed, power and coordination need to be polished to be effective and safe.   

Exercising programs are generally started because people are told they must. “Exercise is something you have to do.” I have seen many people make the mistake using this approach. They were told to DO IT.  “It will be good for you.”   They were led to believe if they just keep blasting full force, their body will transform to their dream image and all will be right in their life.  But this “have-to, hard-edge approach,” generally brings them to hate exercise and quit, or in the long run, suffer through and hurt themselves.  

“Just do it! Move it. Throw it. Kick it, Swing it! Lift-Push-Pull-Squat-Lunge-Plank-Crunch-Run-Jump-Stretch…Just do it!” does not alone produce optimum fitness.  Nor does it prepare everyone to meet the demands of their daily life. 

I have listened to clients tell me their stories, about having tread down a dismissal path of injury or failure.  To me it seems backwards to expect your body to Just Do It without a physical literacy understanding baseline that provides awareness, concentration, and precision. These also provide safety and enjoyment.   I have decided to put together a series of informational writings, audios, and videos that will highlight the physical literacy approach we take at Living Well Pilates. 

Our purpose at LWP is to empower each of our clients to move well and live to the best of our abilities.  We implement Physical Literacy into our studio training environment. It is a journey we travel on with our clients.  For I also continue enhancing my own Physical Literacy as well. 

Movement is where you start to mine the gems and polish them to see their brilliance. We build our physical literacy around the fun of the movement.  Come mine the gems with me in the next blogs on Physical Literacy.  And yes, with awareness, concentration and precision, the gem of Just Doing It is safer and more thrilling.