Mary German

Mary German

Hello World. Here it is. Finally, the start of My Blog. I have been wishing to write a blog for years.  Evidently it is not a simple or easy accomplishment.  Beyond the wish, it demands so much more, such as:

1) topics of value for others to write about.

2) ability and confidence in one’s ability.

3) available time, with a committed schedule to continue.

4) a platform to publish on.

5) an audience to write to, read and give feedback.

Working backwards:

5) After over twenty years of working with others on their health and fitness, I am blessed with an audience.

4) My new website hosts the Mary German, Living Well Pilates Blog Site.

3) COVID19 has given me the time to organize, set up and start.  I will need to stay committed to continue.

2) Confidence…don’t fail me now! 

1)  Ideas and topics of value, I find daily from teaching and researching.

Blessed with my family, friends and clients whom I teach, I am grateful to my family Bernie, Bay, Katie, Carl, Reet, Andrew, Mila, and Frances.

My clients Rosario, Kelly, Julia, who I have worked very closely with during years of fitness privates and all the other clients, of privates and classes, that have attended and visited Living Well Pilates, allowing my work with them to continue to deepen my studies. 

My Oakville fitness and Pilates mentors: Cindy Johnson, Town of Oakville; Susan and Rose at the YMCA, Burlington; Kathryn Hamill, Curves, Oakville; Susan Pomfret, Town of Oakville; Margot McKinnon, Body Harmonics, Toronto.

The wider world of Pilates: mentors from Balanced Body Conferences, including Ann McMillian, Pilates of Montreal; Ron Fletcher Pilates, Tucson, Arizona; Nora St. John, Sacramento, California; Lolita San Miguel, Lolita Pilates (elder); Alan Herdman, London, England; Elizabeth Larkin, San Francisco, California; Kathy Corey, Kathy Corey Pilates; and with Mary Bowen, Killingworth, Connecticut (elder).

The world of health care practitioners: Leon Chaitow, Eric Dalton, Katie Bowman, Eric Franklin and all those who have set the base of learning throughout the years in anatomy and physiology.

Grateful for life, it’s experiences and adventures lessons and blessings, these blogs are written to and for YOU.  It is you I am speaking to as I write.  Hopefully you will find them informative, fun, and always worth the read.  May they lead you to reflect and engage with follow up comments and questions.


Mary German

Living Well Pilates…empowering you to work out to your best.