Living Well Pilates Store

Visit the studio or call 905-847-0707 to purchase any of these items.



36″L x 6″W
Soft $34.99
Professional $39.99


Stability Ball



Pilates Mat


24″ x 72″ x 5/8″ thickness

Magic Circle


12″ diameter

Weighted Balls

$19.00 each

5″ diameter
2.5 lb each

Toner Balls

$14.99/ pair

3″ diameter

Stick Massage Tool

Blue $49.00
Red (Traveler) $34.00

Wooden Rotational Disc


Set of 2

Physio Therapy Balls

$14.99/ pair

Yoga Blocks

$14.00/ one
$22.00/ pair

Sit Fit Balance Cushion


36cm diameter
For training exercises and for use in sitting.

Yoga Mats

Pilates Mini Ball



Dr. Cohen Acuball

Acuball Mini $19.00
Acuball $39.00

8 Steps To A Pain-Free Back


Trail Guide to the Body


Whole Body Barefoot

by Katy Bowman


Don't Just Sit There

by Katy Bowman


Return to Life Through Contrology

by Joseph H. Pilates


Living Well Pilates Teacher Training Manual


Wooden Oak Tower Kit


With Arm and Leg Straps, V Handles (2), Foot Straps (2), Rolldown Bar 


$8.00 – $29.00

Styles vary: Ankle, Low Rise, Bella, Luna, Lightweight Runner

Living Well Pilates Merch

Vest $65.99
T-Shirt $24.99

Great for fall walks with zipper pockets to carry and protect your keys and phone. Buy the vest and receive the free t-shirt.

Professional Body Pillow