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Work on mastering form and principles as you realign, strengthen, lengthen, and improve overall body mechanics. Emphasis on abdominals and back muscles leads you to increased core stability and strength, challenging your body with basic foundation movements. Freer movement and postural realignment result.

Mary German - Owner, Studio Director

Physiologist, Fitness & Lifestyle Appraiser: Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

Pilates Instructor — Reformer & Equipment, Mat Work, Gait Analysis, Pre & Post-Natal


Body Harmonics Pilates - Toronto, Ontario

Physical Mind Institute - New York, New York

The method Pilates Instructor—Mat Work & Equipment International

Pilates Method Alliance - Florida, USA;

Eric Dalton Myoskeletal Alignment Technique - Oklahoma City, OK

Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Wellness Specialist, Group Fitness Instructor: Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals

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After a year of progressive lower back pain (following a car accident) and hip pain (youthful foolishness on mountain bikes), I went to Living Well Pilates on a friend's recommendation. I am very happy I did so. I've gone from limping and slouching to better mechanics, better posture and improvement in joint function and better pain management. The side effects have all been positive: with an understanding of the mechanics, and exercises to work on, I have an additional way to manage my aches and pains, resulting in increased self confidence, self-awareness, and.... presence. (Kind of strange, but other people remarked on it.... like - you look taller? ). I've been amazed at the insights and knowledge gained... the learning alone has been a treasure. Just the other day, I found myself skipping down the stairs... something that would have been impossible a few months ago! Seriously, it's a great way to get a handle on ingrained 'bad habits' and teach your body some new tricks.
- Dr. R.O., Scientist

At Living Well Pilates, some of the issues we have helped our Pilates clients with during this last year included: de-stressing, eliminating muscular pain in spine, shoulders, hips and smaller joints, improving posture

Releasing tension, improving sleep, assisting a positive outlook, leg discrepancy issues, foot, ankle and arches issues, increasing flexibility, toning the whole body, regaining balance, strengthening the core including inner unit, abdominals, inner thighs;

Increasing joint integrity: hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrists; recovering from injury, operations, accidents; building body awareness,

Recovering from overuse issues, conditioning for golf, skiing running, swimming, horseback riding, sports;

Prenatal and postpartum, balance the sling systems of the body, neutralizing pelvis and spine to correct postural alignment, handedness and scoliosis conditioning

Eliminating plantar fasciitis, increasing ankle stability, arthritic joint improvement, improving balance, eliminate sciatic pain, eliminate SI pain, prenatal and postpartum, conditioning with special issues: i.e., back pain and sciatica, fibromyalgia, obesity, diabetes, cardio- pulmonary issues, neurological conditions.

Living Well Pilates has helped our Pilates clients with: