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Reformer & Equipment Class - Brings the mat/Cadillac/Reformer/Trap/Chair together in this comprehensive class. Increase your understanding and deepen your Pilates workout using the equipment to take you to the next level with resistance and assistance of the springs.

GYMTIME - individual equipment time for personal practice. Instructor approval required. There are several times during the week for you to use the equipment. See upcoming Class Schedule.

Mat - (Basics) Work on mastering form and principles as you realign, strengthen, lengthen, and improve overall body mechanics. Emphasis on abdominals and back muscles leads you to increased core stability and strength, challenging your body with basic foundation movements. Freer movement and postural realignment result.

Mat - (Intermediate) Correct body mechanics learned and patterned in Principles (see above) when combined with smooth movement, provide the next test to your foundational core stability and strength. This class will challenge and rejuvenate you.