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Pilates Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Eliminate lower back pain. Recondition from hours of sitting. Condition for sports.

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Personal Sessions

What is Pilates?

Pilates Equipment Classes may be the best classes on the schedule in which to begin your Pilates.

They are also the best classes in which to increase your workout with challenge!

If you have questions, ask to have a sample demonstration. It is best to feel it yourself!

Come in for a complete workout on one of our five reformers, our Cadillac, Combo Chairs or Wall Tower Workout Centres!

Living Well Pilates is a certifying body for Pilates Instructor Training.

Training is done by Mary German, Living Well Pilates Studio Director, Exercise Physiologist, Pilates Teacher and Instructor Trainer, has studied with Body Harmonics, Physical Mind Institute, Balanced Body University and Stott. Mary is Certified Personal Trainer through CSEP and OSHF

Personalize your
– Exercises are chosen to meet your specific needs for strength, balance and building body awareness. Your Pilates One-on-One sessions provide you with proper execution, precision and maximum efficiency.

To read more about the benefits of Pilates Private Sessions, go to the "Classes" tab and click on: "Private Sessions"

Pilates is a method of physical conditioning that features hundreds of exercises completed
either on a mat or on various pieces of specialized equipment.

For many decades Pilates has been popular with
athletes and dancers who face high performance demands. In the past decade, the
general public has flocked to Pilates because it is a challenging yet gentle
workout for the whole body.

Welcome to Living Well Pilates


Come and experience for yourself the Pilates fitness movements that strengthen, lengthen, energize and relax you.



"I have struggled to resume active physical life after a knee injury in 2001. I have had two knee surgeries, countless hours of physical therapy and yet I could not even go for a brisk walk without my knee getting sore or perhaps even swollen sometimes. Worse yet, my knee did not feel well even when swimming. After five months of Pilates private lessons I can run with my kids, walk or swim and not give my knee a second thought. I am taking snowboarding lessons with my kids and looking forward to hitting the slopes
again this coming season. Mary is nothing short of a miracle worker. I would recommend Living Well Pilates to anyone with a knee problem. The faster you get there the faster you can resume your active lifestyle." S.O

Mary German has a unique ability to design a customized workout program that enhances wellness and is specific to your own bodies needs. She can take the most complex exercises and break them down so the average person can understand and perform them perfectly. The benefits are noticeable and outstanding. Since working with Mary at Living Well Pilates I have dropped a couple of pant sizes and my golf game has improved to the point that my drives are now 10 to 20 yards longer. Understanding how the simplest movements done properly can make a big difference to your everyday activities is huge.
I highly recommend Mary German and Living Well Pilates for anyone who wants to look and feel better. M. H.

I feel like I have more energy since starting Pilates. My body seems to work better and that allows me to get through a busy day with ease. I also love the connection between mind and body! My eleven year old son asked me what types of techniques Living Well Pilates used to shrink bums. I asked him what he meant. He said, “Whatever they are they must really work because your bum is definitely shrinking!” D. C.


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