What Is Pilates?


Pilates, pronounced Pi-laa-teez, is an 80-year-old method of physical conditioning that features hundreds of exercises completed either on a mat or on various pieces of specialized equipment.

For many decades Pilates has been popular with athletes and dancers who face high performance demands. In the past decades, the general public has flocked to Pilates because it is a challenging yet gentle workout for the whole body. Pilates is often referred to as the thinking person's exercise.

To gain maximum benefits, during each exercise you think, sense, and feel what your body is doing. For example, during any given exercise you may be asked to feel how your spine is moving, how your abdominal muscles feel, whether you are straining anywhere.

With Pilates you learn to focus intently on all muscles and joints that are working. This stimulating exercise technique for both the body and mind is now recognized globally and is a suitable means of conditioning and rehabilitation for people of all activity levels.

Athletes and dancers use Pilates to stay highly tuned, injury free and ready for peak performance. For the general public, Pilates offers a refreshing change from more traditional types of exercise. You become stronger, more flexible and rejuvenated WITHOUT jarring or straining your body in the process.

For those in rehabilitation, Pilates is unsurpassed. The modified Pilates exercises are restorative, safe and beneficial.

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Over twelve million people doing Pilates in North America.

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