Privates are 55 Minute Workouts


Privates are 55 minute workout sessions:


Take Home Custom Design Programme: Six Week Practice Timeframe

Do you have a homework programme that is specifically suited to your current needs? Do you have one that you can work on in your home studio to reach your personal goals? Whether you are just thinking of beginning home exercising, or need to build on an existing practice, Living Well Pilates guarantees a custom detailed workout, which is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound.) Start TODAY!

Your Current Needs: Know and Work Them

Are you tired of working in a group where everyone does everything the same as if everyone is an identical clone? Maybe you know your needs and realize they are not being met, or maybe you realize that you are not getting the results you want; however, you don’t know why? The Living Well Pilates private is the setting to discover your specific needs and know how to meet them Specifically, Measurably, Achievably, Realistically and Timely. Start SMART TODAY to meet your current needs at Living Well Pilates.

Complex Contrology Challenge Decoded (Simplified)

All Pilates Contrology exercises are complex. The Contrology programme works as a whole from start to finish—100’s to Push Ups. Challenging as all the exercises are, deconstructing themallows understanding and mindfulness to progress the work safely and efficiently, while achieving the desired results sooner. Decoding Contrology exercises into their simple, foundational movements, and sequencing them back into their fullness builds the mindfulness and understanding necessary to garner the benefits from their challenge and complexity.

Find the Foundations in Your Body

As you move with more precision in “simple” fundamental movements with your body, it is as if you are fine tuning your skill of movement as a musician would in practicing their scales.

Knowing the mechanics of simple movements in your body allows you to combine simple movements into compound and complex exercises. The simple scales you practice become orchestrated music of complexity. This approach readies you to bring your best into your sport and daily life.

Challenge Your Level of Mindful Exercise

At Living Well Pilates we believe.

Pilates For All Bodies ... and All Minds

ready for the Fitness Challenge.

Working with mindfulness in movement has always been a hallmark of Pilates and is seen in Pilates movements produced with precision, fluidity and grace. We believe it so much that when you show up with heart and mind and spirit, WE GUARANTEE RESULTS. Learn the precision and experience the results when you apply your mind, spirit and body to the exercises. One-on-one private sessions are ideal learning environment for fast results. Schedule your sessions TODAY!

Become Longer and Stronger

Pilates is famous for these Results! The magic of the springs on Pilates equipment assists the body in conditioning the leaner, strong muscular tone. All muscles have an ideal resting length from which they lengthen or contract with ease to their fullest Range of Motion (ROM). This resting length is also impacted by the whole myofascial system throughout the body. Pilates movement conditions the myofascial system and even realigns skeletal bones, creating better joint integrity. Enjoy it by starting your Private at Living Well Pilates today!

Stand Taller

Body awareness developed through Pilates uses images as learning tools. Learn these images that assist in stacking the skeletal bones towards ideal neutral. Add to the skeletal stacking, Pilates movement that assists in moving easily around good dynamic posture, and you can take Standing Taller with you out of the studio door into your everyday life. Pilates is a way of living and moving 24 hours a day. Register for classes today.

Relax and Energize

Your body should not be on 100% of the time during your workout. Learn how to feel relaxed and energized after your Pilates workouts and DURING YOUR WORKOUT! Don’t OVER USE your body. Use what you need to accomplish what you are asking your body to do. Learn the difference in Pilates privates. Sign up Today!

Muscle Recruitment Patterns

Do you know which muscles are contracting and which are lengthening while you are working? Working the correct muscles, in sequence, at the right time, during a muscle recruitment pattern for the specific movement you are performing allows the body to perform to its proficiency during your workout. Learn more in your Privates. Book today!

Connect Your Whole Body to the Work

Scanning your body for connection during your workout to ensure your whole body is in the game and able to flow energy to and from the core: from the top of your head, tips of your fingers and toes to the core and back. Learn how and practice in Pilates.

Oil Your Joints

Joint integrity is part of Pilates training. Joints are where bone meets bone and movement occurs. There are many joints in the body which Pilates conditions, i.e., hips, shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles, wrists. There are also compacted, multiple joints areas, i.e., feet, hands, spinal column with ribcage. Pilates movement “oils” them all. Learn to oil all your joints with Pilates movement. Book Your Privates today.

Discover the Power of Breathe

There are many types of breathes we use depending on our activity. All of these types should use our body’s proper breathing mechanism. Understand and experience the proper breathing mechanism to unleash the power of the your breathe for stability and mobility in your body. Book a breathing private!

Connect Breathe with Movement

Through Pilates, we work to engage the breathe connection with movement. At Living Well Pilates, we understand it takes time and patience to effect change to such a fundamental and life affirming function within the respiratory system. Change comes with understanding and practice. Begin today in a private.

Find Form and Function

Our body is three dimensional and has form and function. Learn to move with the breathe three dimensionally to find presence within your body as you access its movement through function.

Find Grounding

Engage your core by connecting through your environment, whether you are sitting, kneeling, laying on your stomach or back, in quadruped or standing on two feet or one. Learn how today in your Private.

Additional Core Support

Superficial muscles wrap and brace to provide additional core engagement which supports your spine. Learn how it feels, how to make it happen automatically and in different postural positions.

Lengthen and Strengthen the Spine

This workout programme makes a wonderful self care home session that can be done daily to keep the body conditioned in the spine, shoulders and torso.

Power to Move

Where does your power to move come from? The answer is simple mechanics; however, the body doesn’t always follow this rule. Learn how to move well in a private today?

Power to Stabilize

Where does your power to stabilize come from? Learn how to stabilize and challenge your stability in a private today.

Shoulder Stability with the Breathe

Shoulder stabilizers are also breathing muscles. Learn to work them and find your ease of movement with strength.

Pelvic Stability with the Breathe

Pelvic stabilizers are also breathing muscles. Learn to work them and find your ease of movement with strength.

Spinal Stability with the Breathe

Spinal stabilizers are also breathing muscles. Learn to work them and find your ease of movement with strength.

Turn On the Power of Rotation

Rotation is one of the most powerful movements for joint integrity. Discover how to incorporate it in your workouts.

Shore Up the Sides of Your Core

Your lateral core will assist in lifting (floating) your ribcage above your pelvis.

Three Dimensional Movement Magic

When we move through one of the three dimensional planes with precision, it reinforces length and strength within our body for movement in the other two planes. Sequencing to combine the three planes together in precise movement is healing. Discover the magic today.

Define Your Goals with SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound

Workouts come with a price. You physically have to show up with heart, mind and soul to get results. We will coach you through setting your SMART goals for your fitness and set up your programme accordingly. Make your appointment Today!

Body Changes for Well Being

Body Changes Programme in its 12th year! Incorporate fitness into your lifestyle by addressing nutritional choices along with your exercise needs for the healthy changes you want to make in your body. Individual lifestyle coaching, food diaries, exercises journals are tools which can be incorporated into your programme.

Running Drills to Prepare to Run Injury Free for a Lifetime

Running should be easy on your knees, hips, ankles and spine. Learn how to address the run, find your running stance, ease through change of support leg, adding the action of lungesinto your running for starter drills. Advance to shuffles, twists, hops, jumps while you work with your General Center of Mass, Ground Reaction Forces and build muscle elasticity for better recoil. Build on the Reformer Footwork exercises. Start today!

Take Steps to Become Pain Free Through Movement

Muscles never work alone, but always globally. Joints that are affected by weak, tense interacting muscles, mechanically affect posture and gait. They make your body subject to painful and limited movement. Pilates brings the body back to balance and restores health and ease through the work of the mysofascial system (the connective tissue that supports and moves the bones, i.e., muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments). Working this system assists in the normalizing function of other systems in the body including, skeletal, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, lymphatic, reproductive, endocrine, urinary, integumentary, immune.

An Intelligent workout to prepare for your sport and fitness fun

All sport bodies will perform better in their sport with Pilates in their training programme because of the precision of movement one trains with in Pilates. Living Well Pilates privates with Mary German are a way to prepare for doing Your Personal Best during competition.

Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) Applied to Pilates

Our bodies do not stay stress free. We need to work at breathing and eliminate the dis-ease our daily living can bring into our bodies. Learn the Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) as your self help home tools to become stress and pain free, obtaining easy movement even though you may work at a desk, drive long hours in a car, or demand difficult tasks of your physical body. We use the Leon Chaitow techniques for MET homework sheets from Maintaining Body Balance and

Myoskeletal Release (MSR) Alignment Techniques Applied to Pilates

Eric Dalton’s Myoskeletal Release Alignment Techniques provide hands on support for clients who need additional assistance in finding body balance before starting, or continuing their pain free movement exercises. Spinal, pelvic and shoulder myoskeletal releases are applied and then taking to a self help level shown how to accomplish through the Pilates movements.

Learn More About Your Anatomy and Movement

The more you know how your body works, the better the body works for you. Study any component of the anatomy and physiology with Mary German. Visual aids and skeleton used to deepen learning for different learning styles.

How to Master Prone Exercises

Learn the power of neutral in prone position for exercises. Find the answers to the following issues: how do you find the head, ribs and hips in line? How to you find neutral pelvis? How do you decompress the lower back? How do you stabilize the core during the exercises? This is a very powerful position to work from to strengthen the glutei and gait muscle patterning.

How to Master Side Laying Exercises

Learn the power of neutral in Side Laying exercises. Find the answers to the following issues: How do you position yourself in neutral spine during Side Laying? Why do the lower base ribs usually want to rotate one way when the pelvis wants to rotate in the other direction? Are these rotations a standard compensation pattern? How do you line up our head for your C-spine? How do you move the spine out of lateral flexion into neutral, before you begin the movement?

Guaranteed Results with Living Well Pilates: If you show up with heart and mind and spirit, we guarantee results.


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