Pilates Offers Everyday Fitness Solutions


Pilates is general fitness and athletic conditioning. The strengthening you receive from your Pilates workout with the movement exercises (especially using the equipment in the beginning) is what people try to achieve in their gym workouts with the resistance (weight training) and flexibility (stretching) exercises. Pilates is true functional training. You take how you move in Pilates into your everyday movements. And it feels wonderful! This is why everyone should and can do Pilates to their appropriate level.

Offering small group reformer & equipment classes daily and open GYMTIME where you can come in and work on the reformers and equipment at your own pace for your individualized workout. Core control and strengthening will be part of every exercise as you work your way through a different sequence of exercises for the entire body each week. Living Well Pilates takes the mystery out of Pilates.

“We strongly encourage you to do your Pilates not only at the studio but at home too, as often as every day for best results. We provide written homework handouts for Pilates exercises which I highly encourage. We teach in small group classes of equipment and mat settings. ”Living Well Pilates, which Mary German founded ten years ago, is a Pilates Studio and Only a Pilates Studio. The reason she made the decision to offer only Pilates? “Pilates is all we offer because Pilates has so much to offer you.” People learn in different ways. If you are a
visual learner, you will benefit from our visual support materials.

Private Pilates sessions are also very popular. Here is why:

Scheduling commitments – Your schedule may make it difficult to attend regular class times consistently. You purchase a pack of private training sessions and use them when it is most
convenient for you and your instructor.

Personalized program – Exercises are chosen to meet the individual’s specific needs for strength, balance and building body awareness. Your Pilates One-on-One sessions provide you with proper execution, precision and maximum efficiency. As well, you may be looking to get better results from your group classes.

Pilates equipment - You enjoy the benefits of working with your one-on-one instructor on all of the Pilates equipment - the reformer, the Cadillac, the Chair and Wall Tower Stations.

Sports Injury - You may be recovering from an injury or you may be a sports enthusiast and you want to remain injury free. Recovering from overuse issues, conditioning for golf, skiing running, swimming, horseback riding.

Specialized conditions - You need specialized knowledge for a chronic condition you have. You may be recovering from injury, operation or accident. Addressing foot, ankle and arches issues, increasing flexibility, toning the whole body, regaining balance.

Pilates conditions your whole body, engages your brain in full concentration, uplifts and renews your spirit. It is precise body movement for your health of mind and body. Pilates,
as simple body movement, is therapeutic. It is pre-rehabilitative and post-rehabilitative. Pilates, as compound and complex body movement, is strengthening.

Mary German is a Physiologist, Personal Trainer and Master Pilates Instructor. Book your FREE tryout now. Contact Living Well Pilates. 2251 Westoak Trails Boulevard Oakville ON L6M 3P7 (905) 847-0707