Pilates Fun for Being Healthy and Fit


Being able to move with the precision, fluidity, balance, strength, endurance and grace of an Olympic athlete is earned. It is earned through the practice and understanding of movement itself. It is earned with the practice of using muscles to move bones. This is true whether your preferred activity is swimming, running, horseback riding, kayaking, lifting weights, playing soccer or walking.

For athletes, the great challenge is definitely within the chosen sport. For others, it is most likely within their everyday living activities. The challenge is staying fit for our working hours, home and family life, fitness entertainment and the demands these entail. The more finely tuned the body is during cross training and fitness practice, the better the results and rewards are in sport specific applications and everyday living.

At a real, dedicated Pilates studio, the ways to cross train are built on an in-depth knowledge of body biomechanics and physiology. It is not the way the gym class was years ago. You move with an understanding of
your body and a fine tuning that allows you to be in control of the movement. This is not the old standby of
“muscling through with 1,000 per cent to achieve goals.” Knowing which muscles you actually want to
use when, for the desired result, and which muscles you don’t, can mean the difference between winning a gold medal for an athlete, or for others, living a life pain free.

Usian Bolt provides the perfect analogy. Bolt told Men’s Health, “In the 100 meter, once you come out of the drive phase, there's nothing you can do to accelerate. The last 40 to 50 meters is all about flowing, and there's a real art to that. The worst thing you can do is start to strain. You'll tighten up and slow down."

Pilates teaches how to work with your body from the inside out for peak performance. Not overpowering, or using muscles needlessly, in a waste of energy. You use what you need, no more no less. For this to be powerfully implemented, Living Well Pilates teaches the principles of Stability vs. Mobility. It differs with the requirements of given exercises. Stability is not only with the core (what Pilates if famous for), but also within shoulder movements, hip movements, foot work, etc., which makes Pilates the most effective of exercise
routines for the whole body, mind and spirit.

Mat class, equipment classes and privates link together all the body movement exercises to reinforce the learning and advancement to goals. Knowing learning styles and preferences will help direct the best choices for the individual learner. Some clients learn better in groups while some are better in one-on-one session.
Some clients learn faster with written, audio, or visual material, while others learn best kinesthetically.
Living Well Pilates looks to fill the need for the client’s best learning style.

Private one-on-one sessions with an instructor are designed specifically for the individual clients.
These provide an excellent forum for learning the Foundational exercises. Foundational movements are
like the musical scales for musicians—they are the basic forms and are best practiced often to maintain good form and execution. Privates are also used to study the Classical exercises, using fine tuning to understand them more deeply. The more perfectly they are done the more beneficial they are.

Private are essential for working with specific issues. Pre-rehab, post-rehab, active recovering of chronic injuries and presentation of pain symptoms requires specific work with the ability to customize the program according to client feedback and response. Along with closely guided instruction during the privates, there is specific homework given, first for pain reduction if needed, then working towards the nine principles of Pilates
including strength and endurance.

Fun is one of the most important components for staying on track with earning your fitness, along with the ability to actually reach your goals. If it is not fun and achievable, you won’t last long at being committed to reach your goals. Pilates is fun. It is fun to move your body in Pilates’ new and demanding ways as you apply this new found knowledge and feel the wonderful difference of how good it feels when done the Pilates way.