Move and Groove - Music & Fitness


Why We Love to Move & Groove

So, what is it about music and just about any exercise that feels so right? Scientists continue trying to understand our need to groove and move. Studies have tried to chase down the connection between our ears and our feet. Apparently there are four factors that contribute to a song's motivational qualities: rhythm response, musicality, cultural impact and association. With this in mind we have made changes in the diversity of music we have been playing at the studio.

Since some of our classes have become more self-directed we are free to combine more popular forms of music - more rock and pop. In the past, classes
that were totally cued required music that was free of lyrics; they pretty much had to be instrumental background music.

We have found the change most welcome. We've been playing the music you love: Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, ABBA, Sheryl Crow, Eagles, McCartney, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Beatles in addition to a lot of nice classical, new world and Latin.

Also, we are proud to own much of the music we play at the studio. Purchasing CD's ensures that the artists and composers are reimbursed for their efforts.

We have always paid attention to your needs in fitness and music. If you have a favorite album you would like played during your
fitness let us know.

We have had several requests for more information on one of the artists we have been playing lately. His name is Sylvain Cossette.

Sylvain Cossette (born May 8, 1963) is a French-Canadian singer-songwriter from Grand-Mère, Quebec. Sylvain was a founding member of the Quebec-based English language band Paradox in 1984, before becoming a French language solo artist by 1994.

During his career he has sold over one million albums (12 Gold and Platinum), recorded twenty-seven #1 hit songs and six #1 albums, earned 7 Silver, Gold and Platinum Tickets, won 10
Quebec Felix Music Awards, 6 Socan awards and four Juno nominations, and performed in Canada and Europe in the hit stage musicals Notre Dame De Paris and Dracula.

Cossette's 2001 album Rendez-vous was certified Platinum by the CRIA in November 2002.[1]

His 2007 album 70s (#1 Quebec, #2 Canada) is his first all English release and produced four #1 hit singles and two #1 hit videos. The album went Gold (50,000 CDs sold) in 27 days and Platinum (100,000 CDs sold) in 15 weeks. The 70s concert tour went Silver Ticket (25,000 tickets sold) in 3 months and Gold Ticket (50,000 tickets sold) within a year.

On October 21 2008, he released the album 70s Volume 2 and produced three #1 hit singles and one #1 hit video. The album went Gold (50,000 CDs sold) in 19 days and Platinum (100,000 CDs sold) in 11 weeks. On October 25th, 2010, the album 70s Volume 3 was released and quickly went Gold. The 70s project has so far sold almost 400,000 albums, 150,000 concert tickets and been seen by over a 600,000 people at outdoor festivals.

In September 2011 he launched his new one year tour «The Best of the 70s». In October 2011, two compilation albums were released of his greatest French language hits. On October 1st, 2012, he release his first original French language album in 12 years called «Le jour d'après» which he wrote, co-arranged and co-produced.

A new tour is planned for 2013-14.