Mary German and Living Well Pilates


20 years ago Mary fell in love with fitness as an integral part of her everyday lifestyle. Previously Mary owned and operated small businesses which provided a professional identity. She also worked for the international Swiss company, IBICO Inc. while living in Chicago. Transferring to Canada in 1991 with her husband and family, as a visiting spouse Mary was not allowed to work and used the opportunity to concentrate on her fitness and health, along with that of her family.

Born near rural Fargo, ND in the Red River Valley, Mary grow up on a small grain farm, where daily physical activity and outdoor living was a given. One of twelve children, there was work enough to go around with gardening, taking care of the farm animals (chickens, cows, and pigs raised for family nutrition), and the household tasks known well to farm wives.

Her first business, in Minneapolis, Minn., was a family day care and provided a lot of physical activity. When the family was transferred to Chicago, the work became more sedate in an office and like most people today worked for long hours at the desk and computer. Although the work was mentally challenging it was physically stifling. It gave her an appreciation for all those in similar situations.

Mary sums up her approach to life: “Everyone is responsible for the energy they bring into their life and they are also responsible for the energy they surround themselves with in their life. I am working on having bright energy that I bring and also surround myself with.”

“Pilates is all we offer because Pilates has so much to offer you. Pilates’ total body conditioning of mind, body and spirit is achieved from its committed practice and it is a discipline. You have to show up to the practice to receive the health benefits. Living Well Pilates is there for you and your practice. Your practice does not need to be, nor should it be, only at the studio. Pilates should also be practiced at home, while you are away on travel, or during the day when you have time for a movement break.”

Upon arriving in Canada in 1991 from the U. S. as a “visiting spouse” with her family, she was in need of a new identity and something to do with her days. Mary began training as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Leader. Ten years ago she started her Pilates practice. Mary German is now a Physiologist, Pilates Instructor, Myoskeletal Release Practitioner and Founder of Living Well Pilates. Ltd.

Mary German:

f Pilates Equipment & Matwork Specialist: Post Rehabilitation and Special Populations.Body Harmonics Institute

f Physiologist: Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists (CSEP)

f Personal Trainer, Professional Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant: Ontario Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (OASES),

f Pilates Equipment and Matwork Certified Instructor: PHYSICALMIND Institute, THE METHOD,

f Canadian Fitness Professionals, Fitness Instructor Specialist, Group Fitness Specialist, Nutrition and Wellness Specialist

f Studied with: Mary Bowen, Pilates Elder, Connecticut; Lolitta San Miguel, Pilates Elder, Reformer Sequencing and Exercise Application; f Ann McMillan, Montreal Pilates, Spinal Post-Rehabilitation using Pilates; Elizabeth Larkam, Allegro Tower Applications: Knee Post Rehabilitation and Golf