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You look Marvelous! "Oh, you don't feel so good?" "That's okay." "It's better to look marvelous than to feel marvelous, and darling, You do look marvelous." We all remember Billy Crystal's famous bit on SNL.

Obviously, we all want to feel as good as we look, and vice versa. There are different ways we can slim and tone to look as fit and beautiful as we set our minds to, but there is one very important fact to keep in mind:

Looking and feeling marvelous comes from internal physical Strength!

This inner strength in the core we all want can be best achieved with regular Pilates practice. That toned set of abs, those sculpted arms and sleek inner thighs we all crave will last only as long as our core strength is brought to bear and maintained through proper, regular movement. The world is embracing Pilates because of its gentler, life changing routines. As your body and your overall fitness achieve a higher level, you realize how important it is to feel great as well as to look great.

As you work towards the look and feel you want to achieve, Pilates offers you many classes to help you "look marvelous".

Living well Pilates offers classes to enable you to work on problem areas of your body. Our instructors will guide you through workouts created to target specifically those areas. Our studio director, Mary German, is a Pilates master instructor, (having taught Pilates for over ten years), a physiologist and personal trainer. Living Well Pilates also has all of the Pilates studio equipment, such as mats and stability balls, for sale for you to use at home.

Regular Pilates will help you achieve more tone, grace and poise. A fluid, youthful walking gait tends to be noticed by everyone. Regular Pilates will improve your flexibility making a dramatic difference in how attractive others will perceive you to be.

So – its time you look forward to going to your workout. You want the abs that looks just right. You want your arms tightened and your inner thighs toned. You want quality attention from your fitness studio. Regular Pilates sessions will increase your energy, give you more vitality, change your shape, refresh your mind and reduce your stress. Living Well Pilates offers the quiet instruction and calm ambience of the unique boutique studio setting you have been looking for.

Now, the big payoff: one day soon after starting your regular Pilates sessions you will step out of the shower look in the mirror and think, Wow, I am looking, what else? Marvelous! You will have a spring in your step and move more gracefully. Your clothes will be a bit looser – but that's okay! Why else do countless movie stars, dancers and famous sports figures train with Pilates?

Remember: Looking and feeling marvelous comes from internal physical Strength! Begin strength training with Pilates today!


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