Golf - Stay at the Top of Your Game with Pilates


The modern Golfer’s performance can be directly related to six well known Pilates Movement principles that are crucial to physical fitness and athletic performance.

Breathing - When we hold our breath our muscles tighten, and tight muscles are slow muscles that are not good for your golf game. By learning to inhale and exhale fully as you practice Pilates, you will facilitate breathing during play, pre-shot routines, and perhaps your swing. The better you breathe the more oxygen gets pumped around in your bloodstream and the easier it is to engage in cardiovascular activities.

Centering - Your center core activates before the movement of the arms or legs. This means that the golf swing is initiated from the center of your body, three to four fingers below your navel. When you swing through the ball from your core the arms, wrists and club follow effortlessly.

Concentration By performing Pilates movements with concentration and focus, you train your attention. You train in the Zone while doing Pilates so that when you need the Zone in golf it is familiar territory. In Pilates we are mindful of the quality of movement rather than the quantity. This idea is the mind-body connection at work. The hierarchy of movement is: attention, intention, breath and movement initiation.

Control - Practicing control of any coordinated movement will translate to your game. In essence, when performing Pilates exercises with control you are practicing golf swings with control. They are both movements of the whole body that start from the ground up and spiral in rotation to finish.

Fluidity - Each Pilates exercise is coordinated with breath, rhythm, and tempo. Each exercise has a flow and sequence using only as much energy as necessary to produce the maximum or minimum energy or force. This is efficient, flowing, rhythmic movement that will transfer to your golf swing.

Alignment - As there is specific body alignment in golf, there is a specific body alignment for each Pilates exercise. Correct alignment in the body during Pilates or Golf allows for efficient movement, placing minimal stress on joints, ligaments and muscle tissue to help avoid injury.

The Mission of Living Well Pilates will assist you, the golfer, in game improvement and lower scores while staying more pain free and injury free. Our program will add longevity to your game and allow you to have more fun playing the game you love – At the Top of Your Game!