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Will My Insurance or Health Plan Cover Pilates?


Some of our clients are asking us to invoice them for their Pilates Classes as "Back Rehab". This is because their Health Plans will cover all or most of the cost. The term "Back Rehab" of course is a perfect description of a great Pilates workout. We are a nation of sitters and our backs are all in need of continual strengthening.

Depending on the insurance carrier that you have, or your Company Wellness plan, you may find that they do cover various types of gym membership as a reimbursable service.

As you are aware, Living Well Pilates has no "Gym Membership Fees." You pay only for the classes you take. But we can invoice you for your Pilates classes with the wording, "gym membership" if that is what your insurance carrier or employer covers. Talk to us about your individual needs.

Another thing to consider, some insurance carriers may consider gym membership an alternative medical service or a preventative service. Check with your carrier or company plan for details. There may be a stipulation to the amount of times that you can go to the gym in a six month period or to how much your gym can cost or there may be just a reimbursable program.

You may be able to get a prescription for the gym membership. For instance, if your doctor recommends that you do a certain workout regime to help your condition, and this becomes a part of your medical care, then there is a better chance it will be covered by insurers. Additionally, if you find that you need physical therapy, then a gym membership could factor into the overall treatment plan.

We can send you a re-cap of your 2012 Pilates fees in one invoice under the name "gym fees" or "back rehab". Just let us know.

Privates are 55 Minute Workouts


Privates are 55 minute workout sessions:


Take Home Custom Design Programme: Six Week Practice Timeframe

Do you have a homework programme that is specifically suited to your current needs? Do you have one that you can work on in your home studio to reach your personal goals? Whether you are just thinking of beginning home exercising, or need to build on an existing practice, Living Well Pilates guarantees a custom detailed workout, which is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound.) Start TODAY!

Your Current Needs: Know and Work Them

Are you tired of working in a group where everyone does everything the same as if everyone is an identical clone? Maybe you know your needs and realize they are not being met, or maybe you realize that you are not getting the results you want; however, you don’t know why? The Living Well Pilates private is the setting to discover your specific needs and know how to meet them Specifically, Measurably, Achievably, Realistically and Timely. Start SMART TODAY to meet your current needs at Living Well Pilates.

Complex Contrology Challenge Decoded (Simplified)

All Pilates Contrology exercises are complex. The Contrology programme works as a whole from start to finish—100’s to Push Ups. Challenging as all the exercises are, deconstructing themallows understanding and mindfulness to progress the work safely and efficiently, while achieving the desired results sooner. Decoding Contrology exercises into their simple, foundational movements, and sequencing them back into their fullness builds the mindfulness and understanding necessary to garner the benefits from their challenge and complexity.

Find the Foundations in Your Body

As you move with more precision in “simple” fundamental movements with your body, it is as if you are fine tuning your skill of movement as a musician would in practicing their scales.


Great Looking Summer Arms!


By Bernie & Mary German

Thanks to rushed diets and fast food, combined with not having or making enough time to work out, your arms may feel a little more wiggly and baggy than they should! Well, summer's almost here, and we better make time!

When you want your shoulders, biceps, and triceps in full show-off mode, remember this: These small muscles respond quickly to strength training. Traditionally the thought has been that you can have gorgeous toned arms no matter what your fitness level. So do we run out and buy upper-body and upper arm workout tapes? No need if you are doing your Pilates regularly.

Research is showing more and more a definite connection between overall conditioning, especially core-condition and upper body and arm strength. One study had 50 middle-aged men and women do an hour of traditional Pilates moves twice a week for 12 weeks. Then they did push-ups to measure strength. They began the study doing 24 push-ups on their knees and ended up being able to do 35. (The control group began with 20.5 and ended with 21.) The arm strength was increased because the core strength was increased. If you can stabilize your core during push-ups you will be able to do more of them. A stronger core allows more of your arm muscles to do the work.

This means that a defined core should be paired with great looking arms. So along with your weights and dumbbells, get to your mat and a reformer classes and get sexy arms (along with a gorgeous, flat tummy) with your traditional Pilates workouts.

For more advanced shaping, toning and strengthening, talk to your Pilates instructor about more upper body work for great looking Summer Arms!

Breathing to Prepare for the Mindful Precise Exercises of Pilates


Five-count breaths, laying supine (on back) with knees bent and feet flat, in neutral spine. Preparing for flexion and extension of the low back (Tuck and un-tuck of the pelvis). Releases psoas, lengthens and strengthens spine and core, and prepares the body for larger exercises. Breathing changes as needed for the individual exercises as program continues.

Pain Free Joints with Pilates


Feeling stiff happens to bodies of all ages. Watch as an infant, or a cat, awakens from a nap. The natural response is to realign their body. They stretch as muscles move their bones and readjust soft connective tissue back to balance.

One of our Pilates clients, in her mid sixties, comments on how many people she knows who "are so stiff." She sees they have difficulty bending, reaching, standing, or walking. The same is true for all ages, including young teens.

People who look stiff in their movement may actually be feeling tension, inflexibility, tightness, strain or even pain. The antidote commonly recommended is stretching. Stretching does lengthen muscles, releases soft connective tissue, and increases range of motion. However common stretching is not what the body always needs, especially if the strain in the body is advancing to presentation of pain symptoms. It can actually increase the feeling of stiffness by creating more instability.

These more advanced feelings of dis-ease in the body are common for today's society because of underuse, overuse and just plain abuse. Long hours in a flexed seated position, limited daily physical movement, and then going all out as a "weekend warrior" puts burdensome demands on the myofascial system. This creates neurological irritations, fascial adhesions, and muscle fibrosis leading to joint dysfunction. Then the body enters the realm of hip pain, knee disorders, ankle weakness, rotator cuff dysfunction, spinal degenerative disc disease (DDD), stenosis, osteoarthritis (OA),etc. These are joint issues.

Where two bones come together in the body is a joint. Movement happens at these joints. There are more than 206 joints in the adult body. Muscles move the bones and with this intent through exercise a desired result of balance is achieved. Looking at the bones as part of the soft connective tissues system allows work on a deeper level to create profound lasting changes in bodies.

A Pilates student usually has had or is dealing with a chronic issue or strain/stress pain patterns in their body. They may have been in a vehicle accident or had a sports injury. This experience has given them the opportunity to be mindful in their exercise. Once mindful exercise becomes the foundation they bring their bodies into more dynamic and power uses.

The precision of body movement in your exercise program is executed with concentration during the movement. This fine tuning of your exercise gives you your desired result. In Pilates, you move the bones. Moving the bones, you are affecting the soft connection tissue attached to the skeleton. The muscles, fascia and ligamentous tissues are brought into a resting balance and the skeleton assists with posture.

Joseph Pilates commented, "We retire too early and we die too young, our prime of life should be in the 70's and old age should not come until we are almost 100." In order for this to happen we need to take care of our joints, and Pilates is the exercise routine that accomplishes this.

Our mid sixties Pilates client remains limber, and continues to increase her fitness level through lessons with Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and mat exercises for the full Pilates repertoire. She finds working with the understanding of joint releases beneficial specifically for her neck, ribcage, lower back and ankles.

Living Well Pilates always welcomes questions regarding Pilates and offers free first time assessments. Simple contact us by phone, e-mail, or website form to set up your time for a session. For more information on body movement exercises, including videos, visit or our Facebook Page.

Mary German, Living Well Pilates, Ltd., 2251 Westoak Trails Blvd., Suite 4, Oakville, ON L6M 3P7 Physiologist, CSEP, PMA, PMI, CAN-FIT Pro, Body Harmonics Pilates, Toronto.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (905) 847-0707 Pilates for All Bodies.


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